Saturday, November 9, 2013

Look what WE did with a leaf!

We checked out this fun book from the library and had a great time getting creative with leaves! Look What I Did With a Leaf  by Morteza E. Sohi is an excellent book that teaches about the different types of leaves and the do's and don'ts of creating art with leaves. It even has a field guide to help identify the leaves you collect!
First, we read the book together. Then we went on a walk around our neighborhood and collected all kinds of leaves of different shapes, colors and sizes. We made sure to take the book with us so we would not forget the types of leaves we needed for the animals we really wanted to make. When we got back home we cleaned the leaves that were dirty. Then we got busy! The boys each made the cute little turtles and then they helped me make the butterfly and elephant. All we used were leaves and Elmer's glue.
The book has so many pictures and ideas of other animals you can make. It was a perfect fall activity.

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