Monday, November 19, 2012

Bento Box Picks

My sister sent my little ones these adorable bento box picks. They are just so cute! They made snack time extra fun! She also uses them for lunch time in those cute little plates for poaching eggs. They make great compartments for little diced up food. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Beginning Sounds Balloon Game

You will need: two ballons, a sharpie, minimal artistic skills

Blow up two balloons. One one write letters, and on the other draw pictures of things that start with that letter sound. 

To play throw the balloon with the letters up in the air and have your little one catch it. Have him choose a letter he is touching when he catches it and tell you what sound the letter makes. Then throw the second balloon with the drawings and have him find the object that begins with that letter sound. We began with letter A-I and then gradually added more letters and drawings. 

This was a great activity for my active boy. He wanted to keep playing and playing!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Pintesters: Junk Match Busy Bag

We love Pinterest! I recently pinned THIS activity and threw it together in less than five minutes with stuff I had lying around the house.

They're called Junk Match bags. You pretty much grab an assortment of small objects you have around your house, trace them on cardstock and put them all in a gallon ziploc bag. That's it! Easy! Then have your little ones match the object to its outline.

Outline all the random objects

Place them in a large ziploc bag. You may need to trim the cardstock a little bit to make it fit.
Let your kids have fun!

This is probably the easiest activity to put together!
TIP: The cardstock can be laminated to make it last longer.

We give it a BIG 10!

Here are some more ideas to make this activity even more fun and educational:
  • Make themed bags for holidays with small holiday objects from the Dollar Store
  • Make alphabet bags each with objects starting with a certain letter for practicing letter sounds
  • Bags can be themed around shapes or even color
Please let us know in the comments if you try this activity and if you come up with more fun ways to use it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Falling Leaves ABC Game

You will need: 
Construction Paper

I made 26 leaves by cutting construction paper and wrote upper and lower case letters on each leaf. Then I gave them to my little one and had him throw the leaves and high as he could. He loved that part! He then made sure all the letters were facing up. I would call out a letter and he would put it in our little basket. Then we would talk about what words began with that letter sound. Great game for letter recognition and sound recognition.