Monday, August 26, 2013

Small Lightbox DIY

What a fun, functional, educational and perfect "toy" for kids! These lightboxes are so versatile and can be used to teach little ones endless subjects in a new and engaging way. I've seen lots of different  DIY lightbox tutorials online lately. I decided to take ideas from many different ones and make my own. You can make them any size you'd like, but these individual sized boxes are perfect for little hands and can be very easily stored. Plus it helps minimize the arguing and maximize the fun! :) 
What You'll Need (I found most of my supplies at the Dollar Tree!)
A clear plastic box with a lid
a push light with batteries
mod podge
white tissue paper (if the bottom of the box you buy is not already opaque)
Various see-through items to play with such as: craft stones, beads, clear colored page dividers, cups, xray printouts, etc.

I drew letters, numbers and shapes on the backs of these craft stones with a permanent marker.

We sorted in many different ways.
Using mod podge, line the sides and inside of the lid with aluminum foil.
Line the bottom of the container with a single layer of white tissue paper if your box is not already opaque.
Turn on the pushlight and turn the box upside down so the light shines through the tissue paper and play in a dark room.

The fun is endless with the lightbox! I used the clear dividers to cut out letters and shapes. My sister has even printed out x-rays onto clear overheads. And a great part about this project is that you can store all the supplies in the box until your little ones are ready to play again!

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