Monday, September 24, 2012

Introducing. . . Little Pintesters!: Dying Rice and Pasta

Hi! This is Angela. We're starting a new kind of post on this blog. We will periodically write all about activities, projects, learning games etc. we have found on Pinterest (our favorite resource!). We'll have our little ones test them out so you won't have to! Then we'll rate the activity and how well it worked with our kids. And we'll give suggestions for improvement and whether it would work better or worse with kids of different ages. Your comments are appreciated!
Dying Rice and Pasta
You'll need:
rice or pasta
rubbing alcohol
parchment paper or foil (I used foil- it worked well)
food coloring
a large bowl (preferably one that will not get stained)
spoon for stirring

put a couple tsps of rubbing alcohol and 6-10 drops of food coloring into a bowl

add 2 cups of rice or pasta of your choice and stir until it is fully coated
set it out to dry on a piece of foil for an hour or two

Use it to do art projects, beading, sorting, or in sensory bins like my kids did here.


They seriously loved it!! They spent at least 30 min digging out little pompoms and beads and burying plastic dinosaurs and cars. After lunch they asked to play again for another half hour! It was huge a success!
I give this project a big 10 out of 10!
It is so versatile that it can work for kids of all ages. The possibilities are endless!
If you've had success dying your own pasta and rice please comment and tell us how your kids played with them.
Little Pintesters. . .signing out.



  1. I just dyed my first batch of rice literally 20 minutes ago using this same blog! It was so easy. Can I recommend using gallon sized ziplocs instead of a bowl next time? I didn't have a bowl big enough that I wasn't worried about staining and the ziploc worked like a charm. Clara was even able to help me mix the colors once the bag was sealed which was a bonus. I used the same bag consecutively for 3 different colors. I can't wait to see if my kids like playing with the rice as much as yours do. p.s. This blog is a great idea. I will be back!

  2. Great idea Julie! Using a gallon bag would definitely save on cleanup and messes and what's even better is that the kids can help! Love it. Glad you like the blog!