Saturday, August 6, 2011

Balero/ Cup-and-ball toy

You will need: plastic cup, mod podge, tissue paper,sponge brush, yarn, foil.
Make a small whole on the bottom of your cup using a razor blade. Rip tissue paper into small pieces. We used two different colors.
Brush mod podge all around your cup and stick the pieces of tissue paper to it. Layer it making sure that the pieces don't go past the bottom and top edges. Cover the whole surface of the cup. Brush another layer of mod podge to the top and let dry.
Cut a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the cup twice. Make a ball out of foil and tie it with your yarn. Put the yarn through the whole on the cup and tie double knot at that end to secure it inside.
To play: hold the cup right side up with the ball hanging down. Swing the ball. Then, gently tug to try to make it land inside the cup. Have fun!

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