Friday, February 12, 2010

Stacking Containers

This one is also good for kids of a variety of ages, but probably best from age 2 to 7. A friend of mine gave me a large stack of probably about 30 2-pound yogurt containers (no lids). They stack all together for storage, but my boys love to set them up-side-down in a row, or in pyramid shapes or like a wall or in a circle to enclose and "trap" one of them. Of course, the best part is busting down the whole stack after they have been set up. More recently, my 4-yr-old has started taking them down in a more orderly, coordinated fashion, which I think is a good sign of development. It pretty fun to do and easy to help teach them to "clean up!" afterward (not a lot of small pieces).

One of the best things I have found is to not put all the toys out and accessible to my kids. Then I can rotate things and get them out for a "special activity" and it is a treat, rather than something that's always there.

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